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'swim.float.drown' Review // Listen With Monger

Infectious and addictive heavy grunge-punk fuelled by frustration and anger? Of course, right this way.

Muffin. Muffin. Muffin. Such a comforting word to say. Like pillow. Or Marshmallow. Anyway, Leeds band Muffin are not here to comfort you and new single ‘swim.float.drown’ is a fine example of that. Channelling the brutal edge and melodious hooks of much missed peers Narcs, Muffin roll hard on a bass line that snakes in to your soul and drums that give your ribs a good shaking. Chuck in some sneering guitars and a gang-mentality approach to the vocals and you’re on to a winner – particularly if the race is ‘who can get the most angular, agit-rock, post-punk barnstormer lit underneath a sweaty underground venue this year’. As the track reaches its climax there comes a plea with a desperate scream of “pen to paper breaks the fall. Or does it?” and you’re left with the twin senses of satisfaction and yearning. Marvellous.

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