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[Translated from German]

Grunge has recently made a small trip from Seattle, USA to Leeds, UK. Muffin also welcome it with their self-titled debut EP in the present.

Founded in 2016, the quintet clearly shows the DNA of such giants of the genre as Nirvana. At the same time they extend the 90s

grunge by elements of alternative rock in the style of the Queens of the Stone Age. And that works really well. A heavy, bass-heavy sound, dynamic tempo changes and jangling guitars meet danceable, hymnic choruses. The four songs of the EP draw a basic tension between melodic choruses and sustained stanzas marked by disharmonies and odd bars. Also reminiscent of Nirvana is the socially disapproving stance conveyed in the lyrics: "You're all just parasites. / Be my friend? / No No No!" ("Welcome to the Modern Age")

Seems like England has decided to develop all kinds of Rock. In addition to Shame and the Black Foxxes you should also keep an eye on these five young British. You are just at the beginning.

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