Warfare, promises and nightmares 
Fighting all the time, and flying through the sky 
Hope to all you plan to rescue 
Life is in your hands, the people calling out your name 

The city never sleeps alone, give him what he wants 
But powered up by faith you go, batting off their taunts 

Those pretty words you tell me when they're counting down from ten 
To come and take you off your knees, will you still be my friend? 
But if the wolves get hungry now you're counting down from zero 
To be the one who saves the day, will you still be my hero? 

Making, casting out and breaking 
All that's come before, the writing's on the wall 
Cold feet lurking down the side street 
Scared of stepping out, cos now it's darker here 

A rampant catastrophe, while we're screaming from below 
You're not putting out the flames and now the fire grows ohh

Will you still be my hero?

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